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The CNA Center for Justice Research and Innovation’s podcast, Justice Talks, covers the topics of today and tomorrow in the American justice system. These topics and discussions are informed by our extensive experience in conducting research, evaluation, training, and technical assistance, working directly on operational and administrative matters with hundreds of public safety and justice system organizations, and community stakeholders, nationwide. Each episode will feature an in-depth discussion of current topics and emerging issues of relevance to justice system practitioners and decision makers led by our in-house experts and special guest panelists. The views expressed here are those of the commentators and do not necessarily reflect the views of CNA or any of its funders or sponsors.

Apr 10, 2022

In our previous CNA Justice Talks podcast, we discussed the intersection of sports psychology, law enforcement, and wellness programming. In this episode, Dr. Chip Coldren leads a discussion with Dr. Bryce Peterson and Dr. Jonathan Wender about the use of analytical tools to improve police departments' use of their body-worn camera (BWC) footage. Coldren, Peterson, and Wender discuss how the use of natural language processing and computer vision to analyze BWC footage can aid in enhancing the quality and legitimacy of policing.